Brisbane Boxing Day traffic

Headed south on the three lane Bruce Highway from Bribie Island on Boxing Day. The south bound traffic was moving okay but northbound was barely moving. Very different from where we live. There, if we have more than five cars in a line we reckon it is a traffic jam!

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Returning to Bribie that afternoon we used back roads to avoid the Bruce Highway and had a much better run.

Bribie Island – Tuesday 27 December 2011

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The day before Christmas

After six months of sunshine the weather has turned. Yesterday the rain and wind started and it increased today. We now have a severe weather warning and a strong wind warning. Ex tropical cyclone Fiona is moving SE and pushing this weather ahead of itself.

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Mark and Naomi with Sarah, Cam and Mat are here in the caravan park and we were looking forward to a bit of swimming and fishing with them but with the extreme tides and rough seas predicted I think that will be out.

We have all been rigging a big tarp at Ralph and Jillaines on-site van to give some protection from the weather. This should be okay as long as the wind doesn’t get any stronger than the predicted 37 km/h.

Ah Christmas. Don’t you just love it!

Bribie Island – Saturday 24 December 2011

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Not much travelling

There is very little travel to blog about lately. We left Inskip Point and spent a week at the Bongaree Caravan Park at Bribie Island visiting Vicki’s sister and brother in law.

We are now in Brisbane and will commute between various relatives and friends until we head south early in the New Year.

Seeing double

Seeing double

For a time at the Bongaree Caravan Park we were alongside another Goldstream Explorer Caravan. This one was very new and shiny, it had never been on a dirt road and apparently the owners do not intend to ever take it on any. Very strange. They actually had a vacuum cleaner and seemed to vacuum the van every day.

We’re missing the outback already. If it wasn’t for the heat I think we would have turned around and made tracks for some remote bush camp.  The compensation of being here is the opportunity to catch up with family and friends.

Probably won’t post anything new until we are on the road again and even then it will be a sealed road full of holiday traffic. The interesting part of this trip is well and truly over, but next year’s trip is not that far away!

Mark and Naomi’s backyard – Sunday 4 December 2011

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Still at Inskip Point

We have had a very pleasant 10 days at Inskip Point but will leave tomorrow (Friday) before the weekend hordes arrive.

Vicki fishing at Inskip Point

Vicki fishing at Inskip Point

Vicki has put in a lot of time and effort fishing for very little return. She had some small whiting and dart for lunch yesterday but anything of any size has alluded her. There are a lot of people fishing with not much to show for their efforts. The barge to Fraser Island is busy with a constant flow of traffic to and from the island. Apparently over the holiday periods three barges work from dawn to dusk it gets so busy, you even have to queue to get on. We see lots of four wheel drive buses taking tourists on day excursions to the island.

We have had brumbies in the camp ground of a night and from tracks in the sand it appears the odd dingo wanders the beach during the night. Unlike Fraser Island you don’t see any during the day.

Tomorrow we head off for Bribie Island to visit Vicki’s sister and brother in law. It will be good to see them again. We are looking forward to spending the Christmas period with family and friends in Brisbane as it will be the first time we have done this in quite a few years.

Have been into Rainbow Beach a couple of times to get supplies as it is only a ten minute drive from our camp. A nice little village with a patrolled surf beach. We have swum every day here at Inskip Point. We did have some bluebottles in the water at one stage but they have mainly disappeared now.

It was very still last night with no breeze and we had our fan going for most of the night. There was supposed to be a change in the weather yesterday with rain developing until Saturday but so far with the exception of three spits of rain we have not experienced the change.

Inskip Point – Thursday 24 November 2011

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The bogans arrive

Vicki at Inskip Point

Vicki at Inskip Point

Had a few enjoyable days here at Inskip Point. Met Neville and Jenny who used to live in Geilston Bay, Hobart and who know my sister and brother in law. In fact we are camped next to them. They had been here for several weeks and warned us that on Friday there would be a huge influx of people into the area, probably tripling the weekday population and that a few of the new arrivals would be bogans.

They were correct and unfortunately we ended up with the family from hell camped next to us. About midday Friday two caravans parked themselves between Neville and Jenny and us in a space that was only really big enough for one caravan. Immediately out came the generator which then ran from early morning to nine at night. I think they only stopped it then because that was the generator curfew time. Grandfather, grandmother, mum and dad, assorted children and several noisy dogs. Mum had a loud shrill voice that she used incessantly and the language from them all was colourful to say the least.  Then mum got out the mobile phone and spent the next hour directing various other members of the clan to “their” camp!

Weekend in the campground

Weekend in the campground

The other members of the bogan clan set up camp about ten metres away from their relatives and more trickled in until by Saturday afternoon there would have been about fifteen of them. They didn’t go fishing or swimming just sat in their camp drinking. Saturday evening not only did we have their generator going  behind us but one of the later arrivals opened the doors of his ute and put on loud country and western music.

Had drinks with Neville and Jenny on Saturday evening and agreed that Inskip Point was great during the weekdays but was best avoided at the weekend. Neville asked the bogans to move their generator and it got a bit heated for a moment as one of the bogans made a comment to Neville and Neville fronted them. Not much use trying to reason with people like that though.

Weekend on the beach

Weekend on the beach

Sunday morning and already people are breaking camp including the bogans next door. We should offer to help them pack but they might take it the wrong way!

Despite the bogans we are still enjoying Inskip Point, swimming and fishing every day. The vehicle traffic on the beach has been constant over the weekend and looking across at Fraser Island it is the same over there. The Fraser Island barge runs continually from dawn to dusk.

Lots of people fishing but not much being caught from what we can see. Vicki has caught several small whiting but nothing worth eating yet. We will probably stay here most of this week but will definitely not be here next weekend.

Whilst on the beach fishing we saw this very unusual coloured cloud formation. Wispy cumulus cloud was coloured red and blue in different shading. By the time I got the camera unfortunately the colour had receded and only a couple of minutes after I took this picture the colour had faded altogether.

Colour in the clouds

Colour in the clouds

The bogans have gone hurrah hurrah!!!

Inskip Point – Sunday 20 November 2011

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Rainbow Beach

One of the good things about this camp at Inskip Point is being able to drive into Rainbow Beach town for supplies. This is a pretty town that seems to have escaped the worst ravages of the tourism industry developers so far.

Most basic supplies are available. Two bakeries, two supermakets (IGA and Foodland), butcher, chemist, surf, camping and fishing shops and a few other assorted things. There is also a caravan park in the town. It is only a ten minute drive to our camp at Inskip Point and on the way is a toilet dump point and a potable water outlet. Campers take jerry cans into town to get their water but we have the ability to fill the 70 litre water container in our vehicle and then drain it into the caravan tanks. Makes getting water back to our camp very easy.

We used to camp in this area when we lived in Queensland but seem to have forgotten most of it. Time and old age no doubt!

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Inskip Point – Saturday 19 November 2011

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Inskip Point

This is more like it. We are camped at the Sarawak camp ground on Inskip Point. Went into the National Parks office at Rainbow Beach to get our camping permits. At $5 per person per night I didn’t mind paying this fee. The ranger gave us a run down on the various camping areas and told us that we would easily get a camp at any of the camp grounds as it was not very busy. We liked the sound of the M.V. Sarawak (camp grounds are named after ships lost in this area) so made for it.

Our camp is partly shaded by trees but is right on the beach front. Some camps are completely shaded by trees, we prefer a bit of shade but enough sun so that we can put the portable solar panel out. We look out from our camp across the Sandy Straits onto Fraser Island. We are only about two kilometres from where the barge goes across. Went for a long walk on the beach last evening. Lots of people fishing, didn’t see anything caught but talked to a few people who had been catching.

There are, I suppose hundreds of camps here but there is lots of room, apparently it gets busy each weekend. Will be pretty crowded over the Christmas period but that won’t worry us as we will be gone by then. Have paid for five days. No facilities here only long drop composting toilets but Rainbow Beach is only 15 minutes drive away and supplies can be obtained there.

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Inskip Point – Thursday 11 November 2011

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