At the tip of Cape York

Vicki and I live in Tasmania. Being retired we now have the time to travel, so for six months or so of the year we hitch up our caravan and head north. We prefer “roads less travelled” and out of the way places and avoid caravan parks whenever possible.

This blog is primarily about our travels as it lets family and friends know where we are and what we are doing. However I also include some items about our time in Tasmania especially when we go camping.

Since retiring and travelling for longer we now tow a small off road caravan, a 14 foot Goldstream Explorer caravan with shower and toilet.Fitted out for extended travels in remote areas this has proved to be ideal for our journeys.

We have taken our Goldstream Explorer caravan to such places as:

These are but a few of the places we have visited with our Goldstream Explorer caravan. All these travels are shown in this blog. Earlier, before this blog commenced and before we aquired our caravan we travelled extensively in the Australian deserts.

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I also have a blog about choosing, buying and using an off road caravan. This blog can be found at dirtvan.wordpress.com This blog also has information about our own Goldstream Explorer ST caravan.

Safe travelling and enjoy “the road less travelled”.