Snow, hail and rain

On friday we went back to Zeehan to pick up the caravan now that the Navara had been repaired. Mikayla came with us as she was heading home after spending the school holidays in Hobart.

Those who know the West Coast of Tasmania know how changeable the weather can be. Sam and Molly suggested that we shouldn’t sleep in the caravan Friday night as it was forecast to get down to -2. That was enough for us, we slept in their house warmed by a log fire. The storm front came through about 0200 bringing high winds, heavy rain and hail. Weather wasn’t all that bad in the morning, it was cold with showers but we thought the road over Mount Arrowsmith would be okay.

So after Sam fixed a few more things for us we said goodbye to everyone and started off. The west side of Mount Arrowsmith was okay, just wet roads, which isn’t unusual for the West Coast but to the east of Arrowsmith around Derwent Bridge it was snowing with snow piled up on the roadside. Not much on the road though.

It was a long drive from Zeehan to Orford towing the caravan, it took us just over six hours. By the time we had the caravan manoeuvred down the side of our cottage it was 1730.

I wrote to Nissan re the broken chassis rails but they declined to offer any recompense. However they have just recalled all Navara D40’s fitted with a genuine Nissan towbar because of the exact same issue that I have experienced. I have written them another letter in somewhat stronger terms. Don’t expect much of a response but I will wait and see.

Location:West Shelly Road,Glamorgan/Spring Bay,Australia

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2 Responses to Snow, hail and rain

  1. Roslyn Taylor says:

    Great to hear you got home safety. Glad we went to plan 2 and didn’t meet up with you ….

  2. Jim Wilson says:

    Nice story Seth and Vicky with a happy ending. Hope Nissan come to the party but I agree I can’t see it happening either. We lived in Rosebery for about 5 years. We know Tassie’s west coast weather very well. Looking back now it was a beautiful time in our lives. Keep well. Jim and Ros

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