We spent an enjoyable night with Jeff and George in Melbourne. We had meet Jeff and George previously at Alice Springs and it was great to catch up and talk about our travels. They are leaving soon on a nine months trip. From Jeff and George’s it was an easy 40 kilometre drive to the Spirit of Tasmania.

The security check before embarking seemed stricter than usual. A packet of fire lighters was confiscated as being prohibited onboard and our small camping axe was removed and we had to claim it at Devonport. We had never had these happen before.

The crossing was one of the best we had enjoyed. There was around a two metre swell in the northern part of Bass Straight but as we approached the Tasmanian Coast this dropped away to almost nothing. We spent most of the time on deck ten, the top deck. Not many people on this deck as most people seemed to prefer to stick close to the bars, restaurant and shop on deck seven. We berthed at 6:15 but the quarantine inspection was fairly slow and it wasn’t until 7:00 that we managed to start the drive home.

It was easy to tell we had arrived back in Tassie, hardly any traffic on the road and no shops or service stations open. It was just as well we had filled up fuel in Melbourne! We finally got home 11:00 Sunday night.

We had travelled 24,711 kilometres and used 3,552 litres of fuel.

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The weather hasn’t been kind to us since we got home. 16c and raining. At least we can start planning this year’s trip.

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