Still at Inskip Point

We have had a very pleasant 10 days at Inskip Point but will leave tomorrow (Friday) before the weekend hordes arrive.

Vicki fishing at Inskip Point

Vicki fishing at Inskip Point

Vicki has put in a lot of time and effort fishing for very little return. She had some small whiting and dart for lunch yesterday but anything of any size has alluded her. There are a lot of people fishing with not much to show for their efforts. The barge to Fraser Island is busy with a constant flow of traffic to and from the island. Apparently over the holiday periods three barges work from dawn to dusk it gets so busy, you even have to queue to get on. We see lots of four wheel drive buses taking tourists on day excursions to the island.

We have had brumbies in the camp ground of a night and from tracks in the sand it appears the odd dingo wanders the beach during the night. Unlike Fraser Island you don’t see any during the day.

Tomorrow we head off for Bribie Island to visit Vicki’s sister and brother in law. It will be good to see them again. We are looking forward to spending the Christmas period with family and friends in Brisbane as it will be the first time we have done this in quite a few years.

Have been into Rainbow Beach a couple of times to get supplies as it is only a ten minute drive from our camp. A nice little village with a patrolled surf beach. We have swum every day here at Inskip Point. We did have some bluebottles in the water at one stage but they have mainly disappeared now.

It was very still last night with no breeze and we had our fan going for most of the night. There was supposed to be a change in the weather yesterday with rain developing until Saturday but so far with the exception of three spits of rain we have not experienced the change.

Inskip Point – Thursday 24 November 2011

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4 Responses to Still at Inskip Point

  1. Tony and Jeannette says:

    Hi you 2 Nomads. Heard all about no Australian fish at Hervey Bay Fish and Chips on ABC last Sunday. We had to chuckle after first reading about it in your blog. Can relate to the Bogans as we have experienced same on our travels. Can’t find a way to stop it without causing travel rage so we usually pack up and shift but sometimes the shift is to another Bogan camp. Anyway keep on having fun. Love Jeannette Tony and Honey

    • Seth & Vicki says:

      Just listening to Macca and thought I would dash off an email. Half an hour later he reads it out. I think the bogans are just a fact of life and all you can do is make the best of it.

  2. Katherine says:

    Can you please take some brumby photos for Mieke and I. How exciting, you could jump on one and gallop it along the beach.

    • Seth & Vicki says:

      That’ll be the day I could catch and ride a brumby! Sorry no photo’s, haven’t seen any since I got your email. Looking forward to catching up when we get home.

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