Rainbow Beach

One of the good things about this camp at Inskip Point is being able to drive into Rainbow Beach town for supplies. This is a pretty town that seems to have escaped the worst ravages of the tourism industry developers so far.

Most basic supplies are available. Two bakeries, two supermakets (IGA and Foodland), butcher, chemist, surf, camping and fishing shops and a few other assorted things. There is also a caravan park in the town. It is only a ten minute drive to our camp at Inskip Point and on the way is a toilet dump point and a potable water outlet. Campers take jerry cans into town to get their water but we have the ability to fill the 70 litre water container in our vehicle and then drain it into the caravan tanks. Makes getting water back to our camp very easy.

We used to camp in this area when we lived in Queensland but seem to have forgotten most of it. Time and old age no doubt!

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Inskip Point – Saturday 19 November 2011

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6 Responses to Rainbow Beach

  1. Gordon says:

    Seeing your mention the caravan park at Rainbow Beach I was wondering if your were able to snatch a decent view of it – overall appearance and quality?

  2. Gordon Tindall. says:

    But can you get real fish and chips – none of the bassa (Mekong Delta catfish) garbage?

  3. heather says:

    Hello Vic and Seth,

    We camped there when we decided to try camping again. Nice spot and I wonder if the restaurant is still there on the jetty just over from the camp ground.

    • Seth & Vicki says:

      Could be a different spot. Rainbow Beach is a surf beach, no jetty. Tin Can Bay would probably be the nearest spot with a jetty.

      Have a look at Rainbow Beach in Google Earth.

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