Hervey Bay

The relief from the constant heat has been great. 30c maximum during the day cooling to 20C of a night. The one thing I definitely like about Harvey Bay is the climate.

You need to wear sunglasses in this caravan park to protect your eyes from glare off the highly polished cars and vans. Went outside just after sunrise this morning and already two people were polishing their cars. We don’t have much in common with this lot!

Pialba Beach

Pialba Beach

Can’t understand why Queensland doesn’t embrace daylight saving. Sunrise is at 4:50 and sunset at 18:14. Its silly, they are wasting all that beautiful sunlight. How much better would it be to have sunrise at 5:50 and sunset at 19:14.

Have the car back after two days and another four figure bill. Hopefully the overheating is finally fixed. The noise in the engine turns out to come from the gear box idler shaft so soon we will have to have the gear box overhauled ($$$$). It may get us home, it may not. We also have to get one of the front shock absorber mounts welded as it is tearing off. Probably only to be expected where we have been though. The car has not been good to us this trip.

Decided to have takeaway fish and chips last night. Drove around the esplanade until we found a place. You expect imported fish to be sold by Coles and Woolies but this was ridiculous. When I asked them what fish was used in their fish and chips I was told Basa. This is an imported catfish from Thailand. No didn’t want that, what else was available. Cod, but this came from New Zealand. What about the local mackerel as advertised in the shop. No, out of that. We settled for flake and I wasn’t game to ask where that came from. Very very disappointing.

The police are at a van just along from us. Apparently they had some things stolen during the night. We have heard of a few instances where fly screens have been slashed and items such as laptops, phones etc stolen. We now make sure we take the laptop off the table and put it away before leaving the van. This thieving only seems to be prevalent in coastal caravan parks. I will look at replacing our fly screens with stainless steel fly screens once we get home.

Seeing as we have the car back we shall do a bit of exploring today.

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Pialba Caravan Park – Saturday 12 November 2011

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7 Responses to Hervey Bay

  1. jennie says:

    Come to the beautiful south coast and you will always get lovely fresh local fish

  2. Dean and Jan Pearce says:

    Hi Seth & Vicki.
    My son has just arrived home from a fishing trip to the Coorong with about 30kgs of Mulloway
    fillets, I recon we will be ok for proper fish for some time. I hope your over heating problems are finally solved and the gearbox doesn`t give you a problem for the rest of the trip. With my crappy
    Electrolux fridge when it gets over 25 c I remove the freezer door and this does drop the temp in the fridge section quite a bit while it keeps most of the frozen stuff frozen. Mine willbe gone soon a be replaced with a compressor fridge. These fridges are very efficient and with a good solar and battery set up can be run virtually for ever. Look forwardmto your next post.

  3. jeff says:

    Gday Seth & Vicki, well finally got away from the heat we couldn’t believe how hot is was getting for you thank god for air cons. You will be loving swimming every day now at the beach.Good to see someone finally fixed the car well here’s hopping they got it right. Day light savings is great it is 8pm & very light & it will only get better, you will love it when you hit Melbourne. So where to after Harvey Bay more of the coast I bet. Got the van back after its service put a couple of LED lights in & they are great, brought a Hyland Hitch from QLD delived for $90 cheaper then what I could get it in Melbourne some one is making some money. Don’t forget our place is still open for you when you hit Melbourne, take care & stay cool Jeff & Georgie.

  4. Gordon Tindall. says:

    I too resent what is being pushed to us as fish in fish ‘n chip shops – I can accept NZ fish if Aussie fish is not available but Mekong Delta (contaminated Bassa) catfish – no thanks. However, this is what is being sold to us in most F & C shops. Consumers are not aware & don’t even care that much – found some frozen in Coles recently that was labelled NZ fish. When I enquired of the manufacturer, it was “fish caught in NZ waters (how do we know?) and processed in China !!!!

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