Booked on the boat

We have booked passage on the Spirit of Tasmania for Sunday 29 January on a day time crossing.

Despite the number of times we have crossed Bass Strait we have not done a day crossing as we normally travel out of peak session when only night crossings are made. So for a change we will cross during the day. Leave Melbourne 0900 and arrive Devonport 1800. Usually only takes about half an hour to disembark and go through quarantine then we have a three hour drive to get home.

Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania

Hervey Bay – Wednesday 9 November 2011


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2 Responses to Booked on the boat

  1. Seth & Vicki says:

    Will email you about catching up. Looking forward to it.

  2. Amanda&Roelof says:

    Hey, glad to see you are escaping those temperatures. I do wonder how people manage in them every year, maybe they are just so acclimatised that no questions are asked. When we passed thru Hervey Bay, after all the positive things we’d heard, we were a tad disappointed. You gonna go onto Fraser? Now, there’s an awesome spot!
    Any latest thoughts on new year timings in NSW? We’re staying totally free and easy so we can hook up with you guys if possible, and if not then we’ll probably go bush ourselves anyway, with a bit of DIY each side.

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