European Tour Bus Update

After Vicki talked to the bus driver I updated the European Tour Bus post with the information he told her, so have another look at that post.

Next year (finances permitting) I think I will have an iPad for blogging. This laptop has several disadvantages; gets quiet hot, uses too much power, takes to long to boot and close down, very limited battery life and is not all that portable. An iPad will overcome those issues. Additionally it will make reading ebooks practical. Project Gutenberg has put thousands of copyright free ebooks online and ebooks are also available from public libraries. Way to go!

Mataranka – Friday 28 October 2011

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  1. Robin says:

    Hi Vicki,
    Earlier in the year purchased a new laptop for an overseas trip specifically for storing photos and keeping in touch.. The thing from a very well known and respected maker gave me nothing but trouble. Luckily I had taken my iPad1 with me and it did not miss a beat. It and the iPhone are the greatest inventions since the good old sliced bread. Have just taken the huge step to abandon MS after years of grief and gone Apple. I guess I would thank the iPhone for that as it is the first of a very long line of mobiles that I have not wanted to throw in the sea of stamp on. I hope this helps your decision! Oh, forgot to mention, my iPad has a few movies on it which whiled away the time in airport lounges and when unintelligible stuff was on the local TV channels. Yep, better than sliced bread!!!

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