European Tour Bus

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Sometimes called a “coffin bus” because of the sleeping arrangements this bus is used by a particular German tour company. It is fully self contained. On arrival the rear section is opened out to provide entrance to the sleeping section of the bus. 26 people sleep in a tiered arrangement in this area. The bus also carries trestle tables and benches, cooking utensils and food.

On arrival in the caravan park we are in at Katherine it took them no more than ten minutes to have the side of the bus opened up, tables and benches set up and a meal being prepared. The only thing not onboard the bus is showering and clothes washing facilities but these of course they obtain at a caravan park.

Very ingenious and this is the first time we have seen such a bus. Vicki talked to the driver (German) and he told her that three of these buses were custom built in Brisbane to the tour companies specifications. It costs each passenger $A3,800 for a three week tour including air fares. They all take turns in cooking, washing up and purchasing supplies.

Whilst the bus is air conditioned for travelling the sleeping section is not air conditioned. There are two fans that force air through the sleeping compartment.

Katherine, Wednesday 26 October 2011

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4 Responses to European Tour Bus

  1. heather says:

    Might be the way to go when we are too old and decrepid to tow cook and set up ho ho

  2. Jeannette and Tony says:

    I agree that they are a great purpose designed outfit. When we saw it somewhere on our travels, we both thought that you would not want to be claustrophobic as the sleeping quarters seemed a little cramped and reminded us of the convict ships which had similar sleeping quarters. Jeannette and Tony

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