Mindil Beach Markets

Thursday evening and the weather looked okay so off we went to the Mindil Beach Markets. These markets close for the wet season on the last Thursday of October so we only just made it.

Very crowded but the food was outstanding and that is what these markets are known for. Two thirds of the stalls are food stalls and with the Asian influence in Darwin the food stalls reflected this. Vicki and I just wandered around until we got so hungry that we just had to eat something and therefore had to make a choice.

If I lived in Darwin I know where I would be eating Thursday and Sunday evenings during the dry!

Lots of fresh fruit smoothies available. I had a banana, coconut and lime smoothie with ice – absolutely delectable.

We then went back to Robert and Nikita’s unit for coffee. Friday morning our mail turned up. Beth had very kindly posted it on Monday but the overnight express envelopes took till Friday to reach Darwin. Aust Post staff didn’t seem concerned about this, apparently it is normal. Robert then took us for a drive around Robertson Barracks, where he and Nikita are based. Sorry no photo’s, they rather frown on cameras being used on defence facilities and I was rather keen to continue our travels not languish in an NT goal. Robert also put us in an ASLAV simulator which I found very small and confining. Certainly no one with claustrophobia should ever go in one.

We have purchased a 12 volt fan and mounted it on a block of wood so we can move it around the van. We are becoming too used to air-conditioning and for our next destination power for the air-conditioner is not an option.

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Kakadu – Monday 24 October 2011

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2 Responses to Mindil Beach Markets

  1. Veronica says:

    You know how to make a working girl envious. What an amazing vicarious way for us at home to see Australia. Thank you for such vivid details and the slides this week. Patrick and I are going off by train one night-one day To Melbourne Cup starting this Friday after I finish a 6 week block of teaching. Siobhan has a 7 week placement in Melbourne and so we can have accommodation at a very reasonable rate. When we return I have 4 more weeks in two week blocks taking me up to 16th December. I hope to call it a day at least until May next year when I will only take on daily call-ins to teach. Maybe I will retire on the 70th Birthday!!
    Keep writing.as you travel. You must have a book to publish out of these diaries!
    Love to you
    Veronica and Patrick

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