North from Broome

Patrol boat passes close to shore near the port

We have had a terrific two weeks in Broome but it is time to move on. Tomorrow we will head north for the Gibb River Road. The Gibb River Road starts near Derby which is 200 kilometres from here. We will go into Derby to top up fuel and then start on the Gibb River Road, we probably won’t stay in Derby. For those who don’t know, the Gibb River Road is a dirt road approximately 700 kilometres in length that bisects the Kimberly’s. It can get rather corrugated at times and has the reputation of being tough on tyres but what we are looking forward to are the magnificent gorges and water holes along its length that you can swim in. Mind you there are other areas such as river crossings that are a definite no swim area because of salt water crocodiles and Vicki said she is not going to wade them to test the depth before we cross!

Have just heard on the news that the LNG project at Onslow will go ahead and will be one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Australia. The American company Wheatstone has signed to build the $29 billion gas hub. This makes the project at James Price Point just north of Broome look rather small. Onslow will change out of all recognition, there will be 6,500 workers to build the plant which will triple the population of the town. The state government is spending $250 million on infrastructure in the area to allow for the building.

Have been swimming at Cable Beach every day but the last couple of days have seen the surf invaded by thousands of jellyfish. Not the stinging type but they do produce a bit of an itch so swimming hasn’t been as pleasant as we would have liked. Have been fishing off the Broome jetty the past couple of days but haven’t caught anything edible, only two small fish and a remora. Had fish and chips on the grassy bank overlooking Cable Beach last night and watched the sun go down, so did hordes of other people. The take away fish and chips from Zanders Restaurant was just edible.

Vicki in Anastasia's Pool

We are doing last minute jobs today as well as shopping for supplies. Will pack up camp tonight so we get an early start in the morning.

Have just been for a swim at Cable Beach and the jelly fish have all gone, fantastic. We then went to Anastasia’s Pool at Gantheaume Point, one of Vick’s all time favourite places.

Broome – Tuesday 27/09/2011

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2 Responses to North from Broome

  1. Daryl Roughley says:

    The Kimberleys is awesome country, have just done Darwin, Kakadu (some parts now closed), down the Stuart Hwy and Uluru,Kata tJuka, and Kings Canyon, Ormistons Gorge, but, The Kimberleys gets my vote

  2. heather says:

    I am glad we saw Onslow before this happens.hope you enjoy the Gibb River Rd before the wet.

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