New blog

We are often asked about our caravan and our travels into some of the remoter areas of this country. Our van excites questions because it is smaller than most caravans yet contains everything we need to be totally self sufficient and comfortable. It is also unmistakeably set up for rough road travel. When discussing our van we are then asked questions about travelling and camping in remote areas.

In response to such queries I’ve put together and published a new blog. This is in addition to our travel blog which I will keep publishing. The address of our new blog is:

The dirtvan blog is about selecting and using an off road caravan. Published in magazine style it has taken me several months to write and will not get updated regularly as most relevant information has already been included. I will of course add to it if required.

So if you are contemplating purchasing a van for travelling in remote areas or already have such a van and just want information before venturing on “a road less travelled” I hope you find this blog some assistance.

Let me know what you think of it.

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