The longest shortcut

We’ve decided we need a swim. What’s the use of carrying a boogie board with us unless we actually use it?

So it is back into the desert for us. Imagine a line between Alice Springs and Port Headland and that is the approximate tracks through the Great Sandy Desert we will take, all 1800 kilometres of it.

From about 150 up the Tanami Road we head west, first along the Gary Junction Road, then the Jenkins Track, then Wapet Road before the Tefler Mine Road and finally the Rippon Hills Road to Marble Bar. Most of these tracks were first put through by Len Beadell and his crew. The Wapet Road traverses an area in which the last nomadic aboriginals were found and brought out to “civilisation”.

We believe the condition of the tracks are okay but with a far amount of washaways and corrugations. If it should turn out to be a bit too challenging we will turn back. We may be out of communication for about a week but will of course be keeping in touch with VKS737 via HF radio.

We leave early tomorrow morning.

Alice Springs – Friday 26 August

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  1. Amanda says:

    Awesome adventure! Roelof in particular is spewing cause he wants to do that but coming from the east. We look forward to the next update on how it’s going and what’re you’re experiencing. Ax

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