Slow going

As straight as a gunbarrelLeft Geraldton Bore early Monday morning. The country we are now travelling in is varied but predominantly open spinifex plains with small mountains and ridges. The track varies from deep sand to rock, with lots of washaways that require careful driving. And of course the usual severe corrugations.

P1000848We have been seeing lots of camel tracks in the sand but until this morning had not seen any. Then there was this one camel on the track and as usual for camels wouldn’t get off the track but just kept running in front of the car, swaying gracefully. He must of run for several kilometres before he found somewhere to his liking to leave the track.

This selection of photos gives some idea of the different type of country that the track runs through. It is always varying.

As well as budgerigars we are seeing a lot of finch’s, most seem to be Zebra Finch.

The highlight of the day was Mount Beadel. This of course was named after Len Beadel and on the top of the mountain is a monument to him in the form of a replica of the theodolite he used. Unfortunately it has had to be erected in a cage. I climbed the mountain, it was only about a five minute rocky scramble as I thought I could not come all this way and then not see the monument to Len. The 360 degree view from the top was spectacular as well.


Mount Beadell

We made about 100 kilometres today. The GPS shows our moving average speed (excludes time stopped) to have been 14.4 kilometres per hour for the day so you can see it is fairly slow going. Spent most of the day in low range second or third gear.

We have made camp for the night at Camp Beadel a clear area with shade trees about 10 kilometres SE of Mount Beadel. Have seen no one else on the track all day. We have about 100 kilometres  of track still to go before we join up with the Great Central Road.

Just after sunset we heard dingoes howling nearby, stands to reason they would inhabit this country. Must remember to put by boots inside the caravan tonight or they might be gone in the morning. Dingoes are partial to a bit of leather.

Camp Beadel, Gunbarrel Highway – Monday 8 August 2011

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