A Beach At Last

The expeditioners had at last reached the west coast of Australia. This trip of some three weeks was fraught with danger and hardship. Existing on what could be purchased from Woolworths and Coles supermarkets along the way, surviving wild weather and a mouse plague they have let nothing stand in the way in their journey to reach the west coast. The vehicles can now be rested and allowed to recover having had to survive on a diet of expensive diesel fuel. Expedition musician Wilson has the onerous task of ensuring morale remains high by keeping the expedition entertained with renditions on his saxophone every evening.Lately he  has been showing the strain of this task. Emerging from his tent at 8:30 this morning to nothing more than bacon, eggs, cereal, toast and coffee he gallantly tried to make the most of such a meagre breakfast. Still the journey is not over yet and despite the appalling weather and expected hardships more northing must still be made. (Taken from the dairy of the expedition leader, Reverend Mayhem Drink a’Lot)

Coronation BeachHave just had a paddle in west coast sea water as we have made camp at Coronation Beach 36 kilometres north of Geraldton. Water is warm but not warm enough yet.

There is an endless stream of iron ore road trains coming through Mount Magnet and heading for Geraldton for loading onto ships. Rained during last night and this morning but by 10:AM we had packed up and hit the road. The road from Mount Magnet to Geraldton reflects the constant use by iron ore road trains and is not in very good condition. Wildflowers are starting to come out so by the time we head back inland they should be in abundance.

Vicki has headed down to the beach to have a fish as several other people are fishing but I’m not sure that anything is being caught.

Will only stay here overnight as we want to keep heading north for warmer weather although today has been in the mid twenties and I have sandals on for the first time this trip.

Coronation Beach – Saturday 16 July 2011

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