Moving North

Sunday night at Louth Bay was wild. Very heavy rain and gale force winds. Monday morning we decided to move as whilst we expect rain and strong wind for at least the next three days the weather is moderating and we are all anxious to move on. Whilst we have had the camping area at Louth bay to ourselves there was another big van in camp on Sunday night. This was not the normal type of rig that we see at “free camps” more set up for caravan parks. We had a talk to them on Monday morning and found they had come from Brisbane and this was their first “free camp”. The reason being this was the first “free camp” that was in a town and had bitumen all the way. They did say they were a bit uncomfortable Sunday night as they couldn’t plug their electric blankets in! We met them at Coffin Bay later in the day and they had decided not to go to the camp they had been making for but go to a caravan park because the camp had six kilometres of dirt road to get to it. That is exactly why we like dirt roads, it discourages about 90% of caravans and motor homes. They also told us how they had “come through the desert”. Their interpretation of  this was as they had visited Alice Springs (on the bitumen) and Alice Springs was surrounded by desert then they had “come through the desert”. Their statement was probably correct but was a different interpretation to coming through a desert than ours. Just shows you how interpretations can differ>

Cummings LookoutLeaving Louth Bay we went into Coffin Bay for a look around. This was a very pretty little town, once again mainly weekenders. We couldn’t go into the Coffin Bay National Park because of Darkie (the dog). On the road north again we decided to have lunch at a rest area only a couple of hundred metres from the coast, the Cummins Monument Rest Area. When we drove up a track and over a short rise to the cliff tops we were hit by a gale with the rain coming horizontally at us. The sea was wild! The Cummins Monument is a memorial to a crayfish fisherman drowned here.

Sheringa Sand HillsWe then went further north and called into the Sheringa Roadhouse. They told us we could find a sheltered campsite behind the Sheringa Sand Hills on the coast nearby. As it was by then about 2:00PM we decided to investigate. The sand hills turned out to be extensive and we drove into them until we found a protected little basin. Bob and I thought it was great but Vicki and Heather wanted to camp near the lagoon which was protected by stunted string bark  trees. So deferring to “they who must be obeyed” we moved. Made camp and a fire but it was really cold so it wasn’t too long after sunset then we retired to our respective accommodation. We put on our newly acquired gas heater and it was soon a pleasant 20C in the van.

We had some wind and rain during the night but it was nowhere as bad as Sunday night.

Haslam, Tuesday 5 July 2011

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4 Responses to Moving North

  1. Shane says:

    We’re comin’ through Bali. No differing perspectives here. Cheap beer and even cheaper t-shirts. Where have you been for a few days since the last blog?

    Shane, Anita, kids.

  2. jennie says:

    We may be jealose of your trip but now we’re not so sure. We’ve had some really cold weather but have been sitting in front of the wood fire. Just look forward to the trip across the Nullabor, you will probably see whales. Keep thinking positive. Love Jennie and Michael

  3. Mel Monfries says:

    Vicki and Seth it’s been wonderful keeping up with your moving around our lovely, if wild state! I am off to France on Sunday to attend Rebecca’s wedding there. (Vince and Bev’s daughter.) I will be back here on Wed. 27th July. Keep on keeping on having a wonderful time. Love, Mel.

  4. Amanda says:

    All hail to “those who must be obeyed”!!!!! A gas heater in the van? You guys are getting soft! Whatever happened to cranking the gas cooker inside?!! Ax

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