Gale force winds and rain

Louth Bay campSquid for tea. Despite our best efforts we didn’t catch any but a local took pity on us and gave us a nice size calamari. It was about twice the size of the squid we normally catch at Orford. Vicki cleaned it. Looked up a squid and pasta recipe on the internet and all four of us had a great tea. The rain held off so we sat around the fire until bed time.

Heavy rain during the night. Had breakfast in good conditions but the sky looked threatening and when I logged onto the internet the weather forecast was for gale force winds this afternoon and evening with strong winds for the following two days and rain showers. With the wind coming from the NW to SW we decided to stay in our partially sheltered camp site and not venture to the west side of the peninsula. The weather does not really affect Vicki and I in our van but it does affect Bob and Heather in their camper trailer. We have now stayed three days at Louth Bay and spent two days exploring Port Lincoln.  We really want to move on but it is prudent to let this front pass before we do so.

Gale at Louth Bay jettyIt’s now 5:00PM and we have gale force winds and rain. We have used all available ropes to tie the camper down but even so it is flapping in the wind. Even our van is being moved around. Everything outside such as chairs etc. has been packed up and put away. For the first time this trip it will be an inside meal tonight with no fire to sit around. We certainly won’t be fishing for squid off the jetty this evening!

Louth Bay, Sunday 3 July 2011

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3 Responses to Gale force winds and rain

  1. Amanda says:

    Sounds rather average! The winds came to the Central Coast today (where I work but don’t live) and whilst it felt windy, the cold snap part wasn’t there! Winter approaches! Ax

  2. Garry & Raewyn says:

    glad we are not down that way…hope you survive with no damage.We leaving home 5th headed inland then north .. no set route or final destination. take care xoxo G & R

  3. John Herbert says:

    Hi Seth and Vicki have been reading with interest on your journey and sounds great. We have just signed for a new van and i am in the process of selling our other one and hopefully we won’t have too much drama. There is no problem at the moment as we don’t take delivery until November so we will be then planning where we are going for the next few mths after that. Anywat speak soon and hope all goes well


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