Mice Plague

Wednesday night sitting around the fire at Port Gibbons we noticed a large number of mice scurrying around, one even tried to run up Vicki’s leg. There is a mouse plague in the grain growing areas and the Eyre Peninsula grows grain so I suppose that accounts for the mice. Vicki did make sure everything in the van was closed tightly. Had been intrigued by numerous flashing red lights inland from our camp but a ranger solved the puzzle when he told us they were lights on wind turbine generators.

Lipson CoveThursday morning the sky was overcast and rain was forecast. We left Port Gibbons heading SW making for Lipson Cove. This was a camp site about 50 kilometres south of Arno Bay that a ranger had told us was a really good camp. Called into several coastal villages to check them out before coming to Lipson Cove. This turned out to be a very pretty camp and if the weather had been better we would have stayed there however the camp was very exposed to the expected wind and as it had started to rain the red soil was turning very sticky. We have filed it away for future reference as in good weather it would be a great place to camp. We then headed to Tumby Bay to fuel up. The young guy at the service station was well informed about the impending bad weather and suggested we head south about 20 kilometres to Louth Bay which offered some protection from the expected wind. He also told us that squid were being caught from the jetty, so that is where we headed.

Squid fishingLouth Bay is a fairly small village, no shops and mainly weekenders with a good free camping area. We set up camp then took ourselves to the jetty to catch some squid. You guessed it; we didn’t catch a single squid although the end of the jetty was covered in squid ink. Cooked up a meal of lamb chops on the fire that night, delicious. We had a bit of rain during the night and some wind in the early hours of the morning but nothing very much. Friday morning we left camp set up at Louth Bay and headed 24 kilometres to Port Lincoln to have a look around. Visited Vinnie’s and brought some more reading material. We normally get books from Vinnie’s or other thrift shops as they sell them for $1 or $2, much cheaper than second hand book stores. Vinnie’s is easy for us as they have a web site that has a “find your nearest Vinnie’s store” facility. I then put the address into the GPS and the GPS takes as straight there. Couldn’t be easier.

Port Lincoln foreshorePort Lincoln is a very prosperous looking town. There is a large grain exporting facility and of course there is the tuna. It apparently has the largest commercial fishing fleet in Australia and I don’t think this is an idle boast. We wandered around the 2 commercial basins and the fleet was very impressive. Some very large fishing boats. We then wandered around the yacht marina which also had some very impressive boats. A Fleming motor cruiser about 60 foot in length was for sale, I wouldn’t have minded buying her however as she was probably worth the best part of $2M I had to let the opportunity to own her slip by.

About 3:00PM we headed back to Louth Bay to our camp. The weather looks threatening and overcast so we will decide in the morning if we move or stay here until this front passes. It doesn’t matter to Vicki or I very much but moving in the rain is awkward for Bob and Heather with their camper trailer.

If you haven’t noticed this year I have turned on the comments facility, it remains on for 2 weeks after each blog is published. I’m being a little careful as I have configured the site so that before any comments are published I have to approve them. So if you want to say something please fell free to do so.For SaleTuna boats

Just heard on the news that the legendary Birdsville mailman Tom Kruse MBE has passed away in Adelaide aged 96. He battled the Birdsville track when it really was a track bring supplies to people along the track and Birdsville before aeroplanes came into use. He starred as himself in a remarkable documentary called “The Back of Beyond” which is available on DVD. If you haven’t seen it make sure you do, it is a true piece of Australiana.

Louth Bay – Friday 1 July 2011

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