Chain of Lagoons continued

Vicki and Darkie fishing

As usual Vicki went fishing but alas fish was not to be on our menu.

We had enough firewood to cook all our meals over a fire. This was partly due to the wood we brought ourselves but also the generosity of Adam, Kim and Dan in giving us their remaining firewood when they left. So it was jaffles for breakfast every morning with the exception of Sunday morning, our last day at Lagoons Beach, when we cooked up a huge amount of bacon, eggs, tomato and mushrooms.  Somehow we managed to eat it all. Just as we finished cooking the ranger came around asking people to put out their fires as a total fire ban was in force for that day. Luckily the forecast conditions did not eventuate and it turned out to be a very pleasant day weather wise.

We had a swim and then a leisurely lunch before heading off home. It was a great four days camping and we have plans to head off again in a couple of weeks.

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