Chain of Lagoon’s

A leisurely breakfast

For the first time since arriving home late last year we have taken the caravan camping. We have been doing a considerable amount of work on the van, our jobs list shows some 50 different issues that we have addressed. Some issues were faulty workmanship by the manufacturer but the majority were changes related to our personal preference. Anyway the van is now as good as we can get it and that is pretty damn good!

All to ourselves

We are presently camped at Chain of Lagoon’s on Tasmania’s east coast, and only 120 kilometres from home. We left home Thursday, after Australia Day, as we hoped the majority of campers would have headed home by then. We are in company with our friends Ros, Jim, Heather and Bob. A bit of an eclectic mix of camping styles. Ros and Jim are using tents, Heather and Bob their camper trailer and of course we have our caravan.

Chain of Lagoons is a free (one of my favourite words) camping area right on the beach. Whilst there are a fair number of campers here the area is big enough and there are plenty of trees and shrubs so that you are not camping on top of one another. So far no one has started a generator ( one of my least favourite words!).

This is a gorgeous beach, crystal clear water and pure white sands. You can walk for miles without seeing another soul. The water is a bit cool, about 17c, but a wet suit takes care of that. Tassie has some fabulous unspoilt beaches and now that we are retired we will do a lot more camping at them.

Late afternoon at Chain of Lagoon's

This being Tassie we ran into some more friends here. Adam and his two boys had been camped here since Monday and he came and sat around our fire for a yarn last night. This morning we meet my niece Kim and her partner Dan who are camped here for a couple of days. Adam very kindly left us with a stack of firewood when he left this morning. Whilst we had brought wood with us it seems you can never have too much.

Last night Vicki and I cooked pork chops over the camp fire yum! Whilst we expected a few mosquitoes and sand flies we were pleasantly surprised when none arrived. Washed down with a couple of beers and some chilled savignon blanc it was another great pensioner meal. We stoked the fire up this morning and had that all time favourite baked bean and egg jaffles for breakfast.

We will stay here for another couple of days before heading home.

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