The backyard

Looking towards the back fence

Rear of the house

Our back yard may be only small but it has a lot in it. For a start there are three sheds and Vicki’s “studio”. The largest shed is my workshop, then we have a camping storage shed and a gardening shed. Because the house is so small we need the extra storage provided by these sheds. There is also an outdoor shower surrounded by lattice, passion fruit vines will cover this soon. The shower is great to get the salt and sand off when we have been for a swim. There is also a large wood fired barbecue that is terrific for long summer parties. Behind the workshop is a 5,000 litre rain water tank that gives us plenty of crystal clear drinking water.

We have three raised bed vegie gardens that are producing prolific quantities of vegetables. At the moment we are giving lettuce to everyone as we have far more than we can eat!

Most of what we plant in the backyard is edible. We have a range of fruit trees including fig, apricot and green gage  and will plant some more soon. Our cherry tree is only small as yet but we are already eating fresh cherries from it. We are also eating strawberries from our own bushes. We have just planted a range of berries including blueberries and raspberries. Hopefully we will have a good crop in a couple of years. There is also a crop of potatoes planted along the back fence. These should be ready to eat early next year.

Its a great backyard and we have a lot of fun in it and best of all it doesn’t matter when you spill the red wine!

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