Leaving Station Pier, Melbourne

Left Melbourne on-board the Spirit of Tasmania Tuesday evening. The first three hours of the trip is always smooth as it takes this long to traverse the bay and arrive at the Heads. Once outside the Heads the forecast was for a one to two metre westerly swell however it appeared to me that the swell was at least twice this. The ship didn’t roll, the stabilisers prevented that happening but it was like continually going up and down in an elevator. This lasted until about 2 AM when the ship gained a lee from King Island.

We berthed in Devonport at 5:40 AM however we did not commence to disembark until 6:30 because quarantine staff do not come on duty until then. It only takes about an hour and a half to discharge up to 500 cars and a thousand people. Sometimes at the Tasmanian end it is slightly slower because of the quarantine inspection. We got checked out by one of the quarantine beagles. As per regulations we had disposed of all vegetable, fruit and fish but he sat down alongside the cupboard in which the onions and potatoes had been stored.

Tasmania's east coast

The weather was great for our arrival, I think it got to 26C!

Once we disembarked and cleared quarantine we drove to a beach about 5 minutes from the boat and had breakfast in the van. There is breakfast available on the boat but who wants to have breakfast at 5:30 AM, not us anyway.

From the boat to home is only 275 kilometre and we arrived home at Orford at 12:30. Much less traffic on these roads than around Melbourne.

It was good to see our little house again after six months on the road. Our friends who use and look after it whilst we are away had taken really good care of it. The lawns had been recently cut, the house was spotless inside and to top it all of they had left us three prepared meals in the freezer. How fantastic!


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