Rain, Rain and More Rain


Campfire roast at Corringle Beach


Had a pleasant stay at Corringle made even better by some great campfire meals. We don’t cook a campfire roast all that often as a fair bit of wood is required to make the coals necessary to cook on. For those not familiar with using a camp oven you don’t cook on the fire as that would be too hot and burn the roast. Instead you make a bed of coals, place the camp oven on this bed and then heap coals on top of the oven.


90 Mile Beach


Left Corringle Thursday morning bound for a camp at the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park just north of Seaspray on Ninety Mile Beach (Camps5 Vic80). This looked like being a good camp when we arrived, just over the dunes from the beach with a good cleared area to camp. However on stepping out of the car we were attached by the most vicious swarm of mosquitos that I have ever seen, and this includes my time in New Guinea. Vicki took the camera over to the beach to get some photos but she didn’t get any respite from the mossies even on the beach. By the time she came back I was covered in them. We quickly got back in the car and headed out of there. This particular camp was on an isthmus with the sea on one side and and large fresh water lakes on the other, perhaps this accounted for the mossies.

We finally made camp at Rosedale, a camping area we had used when heading north. It had been raining all day and we made camp in the rain, mind you this took us all of two minutes. The weather forecast is decidedly unpleasant. A cold front is supposed to pass about midday tomorrow bringing snow to 600 metres, heavy rain, gale force winds and possibly snow. Just what a happy camper didn’t need.

Friday morning and whilst it wasn’t all that cold it was raining. We headed off and had a look at Traralgon (in the rain), Morwell (in the rain) and Moe (in the rain). About midday the wind came and the temperature plummeted. Brrrr! We made for Mossvale Park a camping area 8 kilometres SW of Mirboo North only to find “No Camping” signs all over the place when we arrived. so it was another 45 kilometres to the Bass Valley Camping Ground 1 kilometres south of Poowong.


Bass Valley Camping Ground


Under different weather conditions this would be a good camp however at the moment it is very wet and muddy and too many tall trees for the expected high winds.

It’s bitterly cold, 9C inside the van. We definitely need some form of heating that doesn’t rely on 240 volts.

We are really just killing time until the ferry on Tuesday night. Vicki is hoping that the 5 metre seas in Bass Strait will have moderated by then!

I will keep this blog going once we get home, probably not as many posts but I will put some photos of our house on it and post about our travels and fishing trips within Tassie.

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