We tackle Telstra!

Monday we decided it was at last time to resolve our Telstra problems – surely Sydney offered our best chance to resolve this. Certainly a better chance of producing results than repeated frustrating calls to the Telstra call centre had produced.

We set of for the Elizabeth St Telstra shop, this being the closest shop to the city loop underground. First issue was to find out why Vicki’s mobile would not connect to the internet when my identical phone would. Not much success here, they hadn’t a clue but suggested we consult the technical department at the George St Telstra store. So off we trudged to that store. Arriving we felt that this store had distinct possibilities, sales was on the ground floor but they had teams of technical and account specialists on the first floor just waiting to help frustrated Telstra customers like us.

Technical checked the phone and found nothing wrong with it so we were handed over to Samantha an account specialist. She took very little time to find incorrect account settings and ten minutes later the phone was working correctly. She told us that a lot of her clients are people that have become totally frustrated with the Telstra call centre.

This was going well so we explained our issue with our present Telstra services as we are not at home for half of the time. She made several suggestions which we acted on, and then and there she changed several of our Telstra services. That is why you may have received an email advising of a change of email address as we have cancelled our home ADSL service and subscribed to a wireless broadband service using the latest Telstra Elite Modem.

Anyway if anyone has a Telstra problem then I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the George St Telstra Shop, second floor, ask for Samantha.P9200025

We then wandered to Circular Key and took a ferry to Watsons Bay and return. It was then off to The Rocks to look around this area which is full of craft shops and galleries.

By the time we got home it was after six, very late for us.

Today, Tuesday we are both not feeling very well with the flu so we only took a short train trip to explore Chatswood.

We have extended our time here and will now not leave until Saturday when hopefully the worst of the flu will have left us.

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