Riding the Ferries

It rained and rained and then even more rain at Bilpin on Tuesday night but Wednesday morning dawned with a clear sky promising a good, if somewhat chilly, day.

The run into Lane Cove was easy as around 40 kilometres was on toll roads (more on them later) and by midday we had arrived at the Lane Cove Caravan Park which is run by National Parks and forms part of the Lane Cove National Park. For a caravan park it isn’t too bad, the sites are well spaced and there are an abundance of trees. It is costing us $199 for the week which I suppose is okay for accommodation in Sydney.

Beth had kindly forwarded our mail and it was waiting for us on arrival. As well as the usual bills it contained two items that I had ordered and was happy to see that they had arrived.

The first was an etag for toll roads. This trip we had used toll roads in Melbourne, Brisbane and now Sydney and at each city it was necessary to get on the Internet and purchase a pass. This incurred administrative charges to set up the pass and then an extra charge to match the vehicles number plate to the pass every time a toll road was used. An etag on the other hand incurs none of these charges you just put a minimum of $25 into your etag account and once the etag is installed in the car you are automatically debited the toll amount when using any toll road in Australia.  Cheaper and less hassle.

The second item was a motion detecting fridge switch. The fridge in the caravan operates on 12V, 240V or gas and when underway is switched to 12 volts. There is no thermostat on the 12 volt operation, it just runs continuously. This is not actually required to keep the fridge at an acceptable temperature but doesn’t matter as long as the vehicle is moving but when stopped and no charge going into the battery the drain on the battery is considerable. So if we planned to stop for more than ten or fifteen minutes we would turn the fridge off and hopefully back on before we moved off. This got to be very annoying. The fridge switch sits in the 12V supply line and turns this supply off if it doesn’t detect any movement for three minutes.

Both of these items are now installed.

The flu has struck and we both have a mild dose of it although Vicki reckons she doesn’t have it. She is feeding me so many tablets I don’t think I need to eat anything else.

P9160173 Thursday we went to “town”. It is about a kilometre walk to North Ryde underground train station and of course from there we can travel virtually anywhere. At only $2.50 for a Seniors day pass for unlimited travel on buses, trains and ferries travel is pretty cheap for us. Walked around a bit of the city then took the ferry to Manly. Had fish and chips on the Corso then walked across to the surf beach. This was beaut, people surfing and sunbaking we sat around for awhile then went back to catch the ferry to the city. By 16:00 we were back at the caravan.  P9160163

This morning (Friday) it was only 7C so I turned the reverse cycle heating on. It is now 17C inside and very comfy. This is the first time this trip that we have used the heater. In fact this is the first time in about three months that we have plugged into shore power. The palm trees and even the crocodiles of Northern Australia are looking very attractive at the moment!

Just heard on the news that the Darwin Council Rangers want to carry guns as “the crocodiles are getting bigger but the boats aren’t” also heard on the news that an 18.5 metre wave was recorded on the west coast of Tasmania yesterday. Possibly the biggest wave ever recorded in Australia. I’m glad we weren’t on the ferry last night as I think it would have been rather “lively”.

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