The awning is fixed


Spent Saturday wandering around Dubbo and Sunday at the Western Plains Zoo. I suppose the zoo is okay as far as zoo’s go but I still don’t like seeing animals confined to unnaturally small spaces.

Went to the awning agents on Monday morning and by midday it was repaired. I did lodge an insurance claim for this damage so should recoup all but the excess, which is just as well considering the bill. We left Dubbo after picking up the van making for Macquarie Woods – Vittoria State Forest (Camps5 NSW 1021) a free camping area 2 kilometres off the main track just south of OrangeP9130126. From Dubbo we left the flat land behind and started climbing, we made camp at around 1,000 metres that night.

Macquarie Woods turned out to be a terrific camp, there was even firewood provided. However it was cold, in fact it was too cold to sit outside around a fire, so we shut ourselves up for the night.

There were only two other rigs in camp overnight and they must have known something we didn’t as they both had diesel heaters fitted. Had a look at these in the morning and they are fairly straight forward to fit so we may look at installing one in time for next years trip.

Thursday morning we left Macquarie Woods bound for Bilpin (Camps5 NSW 454) a town and free camping area on the Bells Line of Roads. This is a steep and winding road connecting Lithgow and Richmond. Just out of Lithgow the road follows the Zig Zag Railway for several kilometres. Didn’t manage to get any photos as the expedition photographer claimed it was to cold to get out of the car and take photos.

This camp at Bilpin isn’t much but it is free and close to tomorrows destination. To the north of us is Wollemi National Park, to the south Blue Mountains National Park. Tonight’s weather forecast is for rain, maybe even thunderstorms and possibly snow so we are in for another cold night.

Tomorrow it is only about 85 kilometres (as long as we are not snowed in at Bilpin) to the Lane Cove Caravan Park which we have booked into for seven days whilst we see what Sydney has to offer.

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