Left Theresa Creek Tuesday 31th and made our way to Emerald via the gem fields of Rubyvale and Sapphire. In retrospect we should have spent several days fossicking in the gem fields, there is even free camping on the fields. Anyway we ended up at Emerald. Emerald is just a big town, not very interesting. The free camping is right beside a major highway so we headed out of town for 16 kilometres to camp on a private property which offered camping to self contained campers for $5 per night.

Back into Emerald on Wednesday to meet up with Mick and Jenny. We had met Mick and Jenny in Lakefield National Park and then again up Cape York and got on well with them. We had kept in touch with each other via text messages and because of the rain out west they had come east before heading south. As we are heading in basically the same direction we decided to travel together for a while.

Because it is winter the swimming pools in most towns are closed, even though it is around 30C!

Left Emerald in company with Mick and Jenny heading for Lake Maraboon just south of Emerald. Couldn’t find any camping on this huge lake only a very crowded caravan park that wanted $35 per night. We gave them the finger and continued south. Just north of Springsure was a grassy rest area with toilets and water that we spent the night at.


This camp was below a spectacular rock formation that was light by floodlight of a night.

Thursday we headed to Injune. Whilst we had to stay in the council caravan park it was reasonably priced and we could camp on the bank of a creek. Put a couple of nets in that night and got half a dozen red claw, which are presently being euthanized in the fridge. Had a camp fire and Vicki cooked up fritters from the left over camp oven roast she had cooked at Theresa Creek. Yum.

P9030029Friday we headed for Mitchell taking a secondary road. This was an enjoyable drive with very little traffic. Lots of boab trees, Vicki has decided she wants a boab tree at home. I have my doubts as to how well one would grow at Orford.

Arrived Mitchell about midday and made for the weir to claim a camp spot among all the other campers. It was just as well we arrived early as we managed to get a good spot. By mid afternoon the campers where thicker than ants.

We are tracking the approaching storm weather pattern on the Bureau of Metrology weather radar and today (Saturday) this shows that one storm should pass just to the south of us and another to the north. Because of weather we have decided to stay here until probably Monday to let this storm pass.

P9040038 Went to the artesian spa Friday afternoon. One pool was at 38C and another at 24C. After a good soak we had supper at the bowls club. $10 for lamb shanks, chips and vegetables, it was then back to camp for a night cap. Very strong winds during the night and this morning (Saturday) the weather radar showed that the northern extremity of the main storm cell will probably be here this evening. Heard on the news that the Birdsville races have been postponed and may have to be cancelled for the first time in 128 years because of rain. All roads in and out of Birdsville are closed  and will remain so for several days. Guess the 3,500 people in Birdsville for the races will just have to drink a bit more than usual!

Spent more time in the spa this morning then it was back to camp for pie floaters for lunch. For those ignorant of the culinary delights of a pie floater it is a pie and gravy topped with mushy peas. Vicki and Jenny opted for pumpkin soup.

It is now 14:00 and the rain has started. We might have a bit of a snooze and then visit the spa again.

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