Even colder weather

Wednesday 4th August, when we awoke this morning it was only 12 degrees and there had been a heavy dew!

P8040013Monday morning we booked into the Atherton caravan park and then took the car to the local Nissan agent. He plugged his computer into the car and confirmed the diagnosis he had made over the phone. A switch in the gearbox has gone faulty and is intermittently telling the engine management system that the car is in neutral when in fact it is in gear. This results in reduced fuel, hence the surging and loss of power. A new switch has been ordered but it may take a couple of days to arrive. We have also been told that it is only about a two hour job to fit.

Knowing that the service agent will not need the car overnight we can leave the caravan park and find a free camp. About 8 kilometres outside Atherton is Kairi, a small township with free camping in a park right opposite the pub and general store. We have moved here. Went to the pub last night and had a couple of beers.P8020011

Kairi is very close to Lake Tinaroo, a large dammed lake that has big barramundi in it. The Kairi general store has photos of some terrific barra taken from the lake.

It will be great to move on to warmer weather once we get the car fixed. The tablelands is okay during the day but when the sun goes down it gets chilly. It also takes awhile to warm up of a morning. Its 9:30 now and only 15C. Had to put the ugg boats on!

Have just been listening to ABC radio, they have been interviewing business people from Cape York about the record number of visitors to the Cape this year. The Archer River Roadhouse estimates that they have had an increase in 1,500 people for the month of June over last year and that this increase will continue right up until December when the wet will close the road.

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