Friday 23rd July we decided to have a takeaway dinner. Seisa Campground has a restaurant/takeaway that on Friday night operates as a takeaway. It seems to be the only takeaway in Seisa and Bamaga. Anyway we thought local fish would be just the thing. It was not to be; no fish as none had been caught for several weeks. Oh well a pizza wouldn’t  be all that bad; no, the supply boat hadn’t brought the ingredients. We settled for a hamburger and chips. You can however buy a Mrs Macks pie, freighted all the way from WA, at several shops up here!

P7260036 Mike, Jenny, Steff and Sue whom we had been travelling with for the last week or so decided to head south on Saturday, we thought we might stay on a little longer. Saturday afternoon we went to the Sunset Markets at the Seisa Fishing Club. This was a non event. Three stalls, two selling what was apparently imported Indonesian shell jewellery and one stall selling photographs.

Sunday morning however we also decided to head south. Several factors influenced this decision. We had seen all that we could see north of the Jardine River and with the van we could not venture to the remoter bush camps. Whilst Raewyn and Garry are not due for another two weeks it seems highly unlikely that we could get the van into their camping spot at Vrilya Point. The Seisia campground is still packed and no fish are being caught.

P7250023 Left Seisia around 0900 making for the Moreton Telegraph Station. There has been rain lately and about midday it was raining quite heavily. A section of road near the track to Captain Billys Landing (which was closed) was deep mud. At Bramwell Junction we learnt that a car had rolled here earlier in the day. When you see how some of the idiots drive up here it is a wonder that there are not many more rollovers. Fuelled up at Bramwell Junction where we saw a convoy of 4 semi trailers, carrying buildings, heading north with their three escort vehicles. Because they take up the full width of the road they only travelled between midnight and 0600. We did not see many vehicles on the road that day and at Moreton Telegraph Station that night there was only a handful of campers. Had the traffic finally slowed after the school holidays or was it because of the rain?

Sunday night it rained most of the night. South of the Moreton Telegraph Station the track to Portland Roads and Chilli Beach was closed, so we could not venture there. Coming over the Archer River we noticed it had much more water in it than when we headed north.


Camped Monday night on the banks of the Coen River. This morning Vicki was doing some washing and reckons she has found gold in the river. She well may have as gold was found all over the peninsula. Anyway she is now prospecting.

There is certainly less traffic on the road than when we camped here on our way north.

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