Newell Beach


This croc was recently shot when it ate the propeller off the outboard of a professional fisherman in the gulf. It is more than twice the length of the tinnie we will be using to fish from. Bloody hell!

Left Cairns Friday morning, it was still raining. There are just no free camping areas on the coast so once again we had to make for a caravan park as we wanted to have a look at Port Douglas. We ended up at Newell Beach Caravan Park. This is a small friendly park about 10 kilometres north of Mossman


I think caravan park aficionados would call this park “grotty” but to us it is pretty good. The owner wanders around making sure everything is okay and of an evening the occupants stroll, beer in hand, and talk to each other. 

We were lucky in arriving early yesterday (as we try to do) as late arrivals had a hard time getting in but the owner somehow found a space for them all. Tropical trees, palms and orchids are everywhere in the park. As well there is a Malaysian tree called the Sea Poison.    P6270088 - Copy

This tree is now common in the Cape area and is known for its beautiful perfume and flowers. The fruit opens during the night and the resultant flower drops off in the morning.

After setting up camp we drove to Port Douglas. Whilst Airlie Beach is a backpacker town Port Douglas is the opposite. I felt like I should be offering my wallet for inspection as I drove in. Lots and lots of upmarket resorts and acres of green lawns. The main shopping street still has all the usual souvenirs however.

P6260074 Went to the marina as we saw a sign advertising cheap prawns. We brought from a trawler a kilo of medium size tiger prawns for $10. Vicki cooked half of them up in a curry last night, it was delicious.

The shopping arcade that you walk through to get to the marina has a lot of empty shops, it looks like the tourist economy has taken a major hit. Unlike Airlie Beach which has the tourist islands as its major drawcard Port Douglas concentrates on running tourists to the outer barrier reef for diving and snorkelling. P6260079

Whilst people were swimming at the Port Douglas beach the water didn’t look all that inviting despite being 25 degrees. The water was very dirty. That has been the big disappointment of the trip so far; the lack of swimming opportunities. Well there are plenty of swimming spots but you would have to have a death wish to use them. The Western Australian coast is far better for swimming.

Vicki is out the front of the caravan park waiting for a school friend to arrive, she lives at Daintree. As they haven’t seen each other for fifty years I’m not sure that they will even recognise each other!

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