Wedding Anniversary

How about that! Vicki tells me we have been married for 27 years today.

P6240024Arrived in Cairns mid morning and made for the showgrounds. Online information showed that cheap camping was available there. However the staff told us that because of pressure from caravan parks they no longer offered this.

So we booked into a caravan park for two nights. It is not only that we don’t like paying about $30 a night we just don’t like being crammed into a small space in a park. Parks tend to be fairly unfriendly places with people keeping to themselves. Free camping areas on the other hand tend to be used by like minded people and you generally socialise a lot more. We have had some great times at these camping areas. The only issue I have with free camping areas is the use of generators by a large number of people who seem to think life would end without them.

P6240026 P6240032

After leaving the van we drove into town then walked around the marina. There are about ten super yachts here, some undergoing what looks like extensive refits.

P6250052 Today we decided to play the tourist and take the scenic railway to Kuranda, so we and a million other tourists ended up on the railway station waiting for the train.

Wandered around Kuranda which was full of Chinese made Australian souvenirs. To be fair there were some galleries showing work by local artists. It wasn’t a place you should put on your “must see” list.

Decided to come back by the Skyrail which is a 7.5 kilometre cable car ride. I thought it was pretty brave of Vicki to suggest this as she is not comfortable with heights. It only took about 40 minutes to return.

 P6250059 P6250064

The grip marks left on my arm by Vicki during the Skyrail trip should have almost gone by tomorrow.

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