Thirsty Sound

Being able to have a hot shower every morning is terrific. I flick the gas hot water on about half an hour before we get out of bed, watch the news on ABC2 (if we have reception) and then we both have a hot shower. What luxury. We carry 200 litres of water, 130 in two tanks in the van and 65 in the vehicle tank. This stay at Stanage should give us a good idea of our water usage and also how long our gas will last when it is both running the fridge and hot water. When camped for more than overnight we don’t use the gas for cooking as we cook outside on the fuel stove or over a wood fire.

Fishing in Qld is complex owing to the seven different activity zones. For Harvey Bay to Bamaga alone there are 18 different maps depicting the allowed and prohibited activities. These maps are free and for boat fishing you are advised to have the relevant map(s) onboard as the penalties for non compliance are severe.

It was a bit nippy this morning only 11 degrees at seven o’clock and a sea mist. Still only a couple of hours and it will be up to its 25 degrees – lovely.


We have fished “the creek” twice now on the turn of the tide but all we have caught are undersize bream. Although the tides are not as big as Derby they are still about six metres, where the car is parked is under water at high tide. You will notice that Vicki is the recommended two metres from the water edge as although we haven’t seen any crocodiles the locals say they are definitely around.

The boat ramp is only 100 metres from our camp and is very busy. It faces Thirsty Sound which is a waterway between the Torrilla Peninsula and Quail Island. On Sunday evening about six boats where waiting to retrieve at any one time. P6090076 The ramp is only just wide enough for two boats so if you are not competent at reversing your boat it would be a good ramp to stay away from. All manner of boats are launched here, from 4 metre tinnies up to 10 metre plate aluminium boats.





There was a decent sized boat launched about seven last night. A group of locals was going out about a hundred nautical miles to the Curtis Group of islands and reefs for a two day fishing trip.

A fellow camper gave us some fillets from a fish that he and his wife had just caught, which was really nice of them and much appreciated. He said that they had plenty for themselves. Once again, without a boat we are just not catching anything edible. Some people camp here for a month or more as there is no charge for camping and with a boat they can catch plenty to eat. We are told that whilst there is no drinking water available there is a dam that washing water can be obtained from.

We are very close to the Shoalwater Military Training Area and are reminded of this by the explosions we hear. Last night they must have blown up something very large as the ground literally moved.

We will try fishing at Alligator Beach today. Locals tell us there is a chance of salmon or whiting. Not very exciting but better than nothing.

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