Stanage Bay

Tuesday 8th June

Leaving Gladstone we called into a fish market and purchased a large fillet of Triple Tail (sometimes called Jumping Cod), if you ever get the chance to taste some of this fish do, it is absolutely terrific. Spent Saturday night camped behind the pub at Yaamba. (not to be confused with Yamba in NSW). Only a pub and a general store at this town but the pub is a great old Qld country pub all high ceilings with louvered windows and cold beer. Had a few beers and a meal there that night.

P6060056 Headed north Sunday morning  making for Stanage Bay on the Torilla Peninsula. Saw this on the map then Goggled it and it looked interesting. 100 k’s of dirt road to a little fishing village.

A sign at the start of the road warned of no water or toilets available. We installed our caravan dust covers as a test for Cape York and they worked well. The road was P6080068pretty good, some corrugations near cattle grids (caused by breaking and acceleration) and a couple of washouts.

There are about 50 houses, a general store and tavern (meals Friday and Saturday night only) and a marine shop with basic fishing and marine requirements.

P6070059 P6070060

This is a great place with free camping right on the foreshore. There are about ten other camps, a mixture of caravans, camper trailers and tents.  The camp is only marred by two things; no swimming because of crocodiles and the generators of other campers. I find it disturbing that the first thing some caravan owners do on arrival is set up their generator, haven’t they ever heard of solar power!

You know the old saying “everything but the kitchen sink” well next door to us are campers that not only have the kitchen sink they even have a bath, yes a regular full size bath. A family group (3 generations) with everything from a caravan to a tent you could hold a circus in, to a plethora of smaller tents. They have numerous utes, one holding a normal upright fridge and chest freezer, another with 44 gallon water containers and yet another with firewood. I think another couple are kept free for launching their boats. Strung around the camp are numerous 240 volt flood lights. To power all this they have what seems to be a 4kva generator that runs almost all the time. Vicki overheard a comment by one of them that it was their first camping trip. Perhaps next time they will just put their house on wheels and bring it!P6070063

Sunday night we cooked up our Triple Tail and it was magnificent.

Monday we explored the area. It seems that almost everyone here is either a visiting fisherman or a professional fisherman. Apparently a few of the houses are for rent and they attract groups of fishermen. One visitor told us that eight of them rented a house and it only cost them $110 each rental for the week. We have been told that the fishing hasn’t been very good lately but the crabbers have been doing well. Oh for a boat!

P6070066We succumbed and brought a mud crab. Vicki wouldn’t have anything to do with it until I had killed and cooked it but boy you should have seen her demolish it then. To accompany the crab Vicki cooked fresh salmon in bear batter. This was all washed down with a glass or two of Chateau de Cardboard. This pensioner food is really hard to take.

Interestingly this area only receives analogue TV, no digital so when analogue is turned off in a couple of years, this area and lots of other remote areas will only be able to receive TV via satellite

We have no 3G coverage here although a local did tell us that if you stand beside a certain pole at the boat ramp you can sometimes get coverage, so I will publish this when we next get adequate coverage.

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