On the road again

P6040039Left Bribie Island Thursday morning heading north. Before we left we purchased another rod and reel as the fishing gear we brought with us is just too light for tropical fish. Well that is if we ever manage to catch any!

Thursday night we camped at Petrie Park a free camp area on the Mary River just north of Tiaro. A pleasant camp site that was full with about ten vehicles. Friday morning we decided to visit Bundaberg and pay homage to that quintessential Aussie beverage – Bundaberg Rum. Entering town we followed the signs to the tourist information centre to get local maps and info. However the only spot we could park was beyond my abilities at reversing with the van. So as Bundaberg had no suitable caravan parking we decided to proceed to what seemed be a good free camp spot as described in “Camps5” the book we use to find a lot of the free camp sites. I feed the coordinates into the GPS but unfortunately she took us via a route that included a vehicular punt that was not in use. So we back tracked and took another route to what was supposed to be a camp site at Burnett Heads. When we got to the supposed site there was no evidence of any camping area, this must have taken us about 100 kilometres to find out. This is a perennial problem with using printed information, it can be out of date even before it is printed.

P6050040 We left Bundaberg by the secondary road and joined the main highway at Miriam Vale. About 30 kilometres north of this town we pulled into an overnight stopping area near the Boyne River. Nothing special about the stop it was just a place to spend the night as I was too tired to drive any further. This morning we came into Gladstone. The tourist information centre is in the port marina complex, beautiful grounds with plenty of parking. After getting directions we walked into town and back, which was good as we both needed a long walk. Then whilst I updated this blog Vicki fished. P6050043

Unfortunately once again no fish!

This afternoon we will head in the direction of Rockhampton.

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