Still at Bribie Island


Still at Bribie Island. Will probably leave Wednesday 2 June. We have spent almost a month around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, not that it wasn’t great to see friends and family but it will be good to finally be on the move again. Whilst caravan parks serve their purpose I much prefer a secluded bush camp and an open fire to cook on. The photo opposite is from just in front of the caravan park. Bribie Island is a pretty place with a larger than average retired community. P5250017There are more motorised wheelchairs here than I have seen at any other place.

I don’t think there is much chance of catching any mud crabs here. The mangrove shores are literally wall to wall with crab pot floats, its even worse than in the crayfish season at Orford. Lots of boats fishing Pumicestone Passage but I haven’t heard of many fish being caught.

I have arranged with an engineering workshop to make a minor change to the van this Thursday. I am having them cut the two jerry can holders off from inside the rear bumper and weld them on the outside of the bumper. This will allow the bumper to be moved about 200mm closer to the body. This will put less stress on the bumper components and give a better angle of departure for going through creek crossings.


We have at last succumbed and brought a TV. Dick Smith had a 10 inch combined DTV/DVD for $229 that operates on 12v/240volts or its own internal batteries. Despite its small size its adequate for the van, we even had it set up outside and watched ABC2 whilst we had breakfast this morning.

Things should get a bit more interesting once we leave here as at the moment we are just your typical grey nomad caravan types heading north for the winter – very boring. You will know that it has finally got to me if I take up lawn bowls! Mind you the biggest bowls club in Qld is right next door.

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