Bribie Island

Thursday 20 April


Spent two days with Mark, Naomi and family. I remembered where most of the shops were from our visit last year so we managed to get the few items that we required without having to get Mark to drive us around. Not that he would have minded but as he leaves home before five and often doesn’t get back until after five at night we feel a bit guilty getting him to hop into the car and drive us around.

Wednesday morning we set of for Bribie Island. Waited until about ten so that the P5190012traffic wasn’t at its peak. The run up was easy on the motorway. This had of course all changed since we last used the Gateway Bridge. There are now two bridges, the new bridge is not open to traffic yet but when it does there will be twelve lanes of traffic. Last weekend 170,000 people walked over the new bridge, everyone to their own but I don’t see the attraction. Both bridges have been renamed after a public servant however I suspect to the majority of people they will always remain the Gateway Bridges. Our GPS had a fit at the northern end of the Gateway as she didn’t know about the new road that took you east of the airport. She also wasn’t happy at the turn off to Bribie as she expected a roundabout but that has been changed to multiple sets of traffic lights. This reminds me, I had better get on the internet and pay the motorway tolls. P5200013

Set up camp at Bongaree Caravan Park, Bribie Island right next to Ralph and Jillaine (Vicki’s sister). It was great to see them again as it has been several years since we had caught up. The bar opened a bit early yesterday and subsequently when dinner time came no one was in the mood to cook and no one was sober enough to drive for fish and chips so Vicki walked to the fish and chip shop. Unfortunately we all forgot that Jillaine doesn’t eat fish so she had to be content with chips! Oh well perhaps next time we will remember her prawns.

I went for a swim this morning, just over the road from the caravan park, very refreshing. Vicki, Jillaine and Ralph have gone to Brisbane today to see Kieran and Belinda’s new baby, born yesterday.

Ralph has a tinnie so hopefully we might catch some mud crabs and fish whilst we are here. I would ideally like to carry a tinnie ourselves, just a small light weight punt with about a three horsepower engine however our present roof rack set up is just not suitable. Also I don’t want to impose any further strain on the car. Might just have to wait for lotto to get that V8.

Will probably spend a couple of weeks here with Ralph and Jillaine before heading further north. When I can see coconuts and crocodiles I will know we are at last back in the tropics!!!

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