Saturday 15 May

Left Craig and Pauline’s last Wednesday and made our way to Gary and Raewyn’s at Aratula.

Thursday we took the van, and Raewyn, to Aratula and registered it. Raewyn had researched the registration process and knew where to go and what to do so it all went smoothly. We still don’t have a registration plate as that will be sent to our postal address and yes that is Orford. So Beth who does us a terrific favour by collecting and forwarding on our mail should be able to send it to us in a couple of weeks.

P5150003 We have done more work on the van here as Garry has a very comprehensive workshop. Whilst there are still some jobs that I will leave until we get home, when we leave here the van will be as well prepared as possible for travelling on outback dirt roads. The build quality of the van is generally pretty good however there are some things that are just not up to standard and there are also some issues where there is no fault, we just prefer a different way. Vicki has remade all the curtain ties as the originals did not work effectively.

I have taken both wheels off and tightened the bearings and reset the brakes, a wise thing to do on a new van after the first couple of thousand kilometres. P5150004

From here we go the Mark (Vicki’s nephew) and Naomi’s in Forestdale to see them and then to Bribie Island to spend some time with Vicki’s sister and her husband. After that we have no plans, just north. We are still uncertain if we will take the van to Cape York with Garry and Raewyn however it is probable that we will go as far as we deem sensible with the van. The road to Bamaga should not be an issue but they camp at Varilya Point and there is a 28 kilometre track to the camp that may present some difficulty however we will probably “suck it and see”.

It has been great reminiscing with Garry and Raewyn about all the camping and exploring trips we did together all those years ago. 

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