Gold Coast

Monday 9 May


Arrived at the Gold Coast last Tuesday. It was about a 350 kilometre run for that day. Passed through some terrific country but we didn’t have time to explore as we needed to get to the coast so that we could register the van and Vicki could visit her mum.

Vicki has been visiting her Mum every day we have been here and I have been working on the van. I have done such things as replaced all internal lighting with LED lighting, replaced the shower head with a low pressure shower head and most importantly prepared the van for dirt roads by having made covers that can be fitted to the numerous ventilation openings when we are likely to encounter dusty conditions.P5070042

The coast has changed so much since we lived here that if it wasn’t for my GPS I would be continually lost. Still it has been interesting. Went to Surfers Esplanade yesterday and had a wonder around.

Vicki stayed with friends in Brisbane last night. I am going up today to see Ruby for Mothers Day. We will visit with friends and relatives in Brisbane and return to the coast on Tuesday as we only have until the end of the week to get to Aratula and register the van.

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