A long day

If was cold at Ilford overnight. I had long thermal underwear, socks and a beanie on in bed so I was pretty snug. Broke camp at just after 07:00 planning to do a fair bit of driving today.

P5030028 We used mainly secondary roads to get us as far as Gunnedah however after that it was Tamworth, Armidale and Glen Innes on the highway. Lots of ascents and descents but plenty of overtaking lanes for vehicles to pass us

At Guyra we topped out at 1,423 metres altitude according to the GPS.



Made camp at Heritage Park, a free camping area 9 kilometres north of Glen Innes at about 16:30. Today we have travelled 545 kilometres with an average moving speed of just 75 KPH. Far more than we would normally travel, however it means we should get to the Gold Coast tomorrow as it is only 360 kilometres to Craig and Pauline’s from tonight’s camp.

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