Fees and Charges

It can be confusing, and potentially very expensive, when travelling and wishing to fish as each state has different licence requirements. Both VIC and NSW require you to have a licence to even fish in salt water. TAS and QLD are not as draconian as this.

In VIC you are exempt from paying a licence fee if you have a seniors card so we are okay in that state. In NSW you are only exempt if you have a Centrelink pension card so only Vicki is exempt in NSW.

Talking about fees the national park camping fees in NSW are ridiculous, it is cheaper to stay in a caravan park. Most NSW national parks charge $7 per day entry fee then $10 per person day camping fee. At $27 a day for us, for only a pit toilet this is ridiculous and some parks are even more expensive. I think we will give NSW parks a miss.

P5010003 We have had a fantastic time at Sussex Inlet but it is time to move on. This morning Christopher took Vicki fishing however as we had bacon and eggs for breakfast not fish you can draw your own conclusions as to the success of the fishing trip. Christopher has promised to suss out the best fishing spots before we return next time. Mind you Edward will probably be fishing by then. Wouldn’t mind being here over summer as they net prawns from their jetty!

We will probably make camp tonight somewhere at the western base of the Blue Mountains.

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