Sussex Inlet

Friday 30 April

P4260049 Left Genoa making for Eden. Whilst it was a public holiday and most shops where closed we managed to get some beaut fish and chips which we eat by the wharf. This town has gone all out to make it easy to park a caravan right in the town centre, a pity other towns don’t follow this example.

From Eden we left the Princess H’way and followed the coast. A very pretty drive through many seaside villages. No free camping however as each village had a caravan park. We camped that night at Bodalla Park Forest Rest Area just north of Narooma

Note to Self: When putting toothpaste on toothbrush in the dark ensure that tube being used is actually toothpaste, antibiotic ointment tastes terrible.

Next morning we set out for Sussex Inlet to visit Edward Dan, our newly arrived great nephew.

P4280060 We have been at Sussex Inlet for a couple of days. Robyn’s parents have a “family compound” here, lovely place and terrific people. Christopher has put the boat in the water and taken Vicki fishing. Vicki caught a  skate and Christopher two leatherjacket so no great success but enjoyable. Vicki likes the boat fishing here as it is not necessary to go over the bar to sea. The inlet is large and sheltered and there is a big basin about the size of Sydney Harbour, so plenty of P4270055protected water fishing. Weather has been great, mid twenties. I’ve been for a  couple of swims, in fact I’ve just come back from one this morning. I might have had one too many scotches last night so a swim was just what was needed to clear the head.

Unfortunately Edward seems more interested in sleeping than fishing so I might have to wait until next year to go fishing with him.




When we leave here we will steer a course to keep well clear of Sydney, in fact we plan to go west of the Blue Mountains. We have some friends in Sydney that we would love to visit but the Sydney traffic has me a bit concerned. So until I get a bit more used the towing the van Sydney is a no go area.  

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