A bit further North

Sunday 25th April – camped at Genoa

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The Corringle Foreshore Reserve was a terrific camp site. We cooked on a camp fire most nights, last night it rained heavily so we cooked inside. Took a trip into Orbost Saturday and brought a lot of books from two thrift shops. Only $1 each. We also went into Marlo which is on the opposite side of the estuary to our camp. This is a small settlement with a pub and a general store. There is a large wharf and boat launching area as this is a very popular area for boat based estuary fishing. Also in Marlo is a replica of a paddle steamer the PS Curlip that runs tourist trips in the estuary. I was told it is a faithful reproduction of the original that plied these waters in 1880 to 1920’s.P4250041

Saturday night it rained heavily and we felt sorry for some of the campers in flimsy tents. We enjoyed a hot shower and a good nights sleep. We left Corringle on Sunday heading north but not before Vicki managed to land a pan sized Silver Trevally which she had for breakfast. Packing up the van was easy but took us a considerable amount of time as we are still not practised in it.

We made camp about 1400 at Genoa. This is one kilometre north of the turn off to Mallacoota. There is free camping in what was once a caravan park. Nice level sight plenty of room, lots of trees and toilets all in all not a bad spot. There are about a dozen vans overnighting here. We unhooked the van and drove the 27 kilometres to Mallacoota.

P4250043We had never seen so many caravan sites before. The whole town seems to be one huge caravan park. The entire foreshore is a caravan park with what looks to be about a thousand sites. You can camp (at a price) right on the waters edge with your own jetty if you want to! However as it is the off season only a small number of sites are in use, but everyone is still crammed together with no room to “swing a cat”. Not our scene. So after looking at all the boats we made a few purchases at the supermarket and wended our way back to our camp at Genoa.

It is raining quiet heavily at the moment and non too warm. Still Vicki has just cooked a warming tea and we are very snug in the van.

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