Our first dirt road

Thursday 22 April

We are camped on the banks of the Snowy River. Not in the highlands but where it meets the sea.


Leaving Willow Bend we continued along the Princess H’way. Stopped at Bairnsdale to pick up a few bits and pieces and found this terrific country hardware shop. Stock everywhere and all sorts of weird and wonderful things. We spent about an hour browsing and finding a few inexpensive items that we needed.

At Lakes Entrance we stopped on the Esplanade and purchased a kilo of Whiting and four Morton Bay Bugs for $6, straight from a fishing boat. Looking for a free camping spot for the night we passed a few spots that didn’t appeal to us so at Newmarella we turned south onto an 18 kilometre dirt road that would apparently take us to a camping spot at Corringle Beach Coastal Reserve (check it out on Google Earth).


Found it to be a terrific spot. We are camped on a spit with the estuary on one side and the ocean on the other.  From Christmas to Easter this is a very busy camping area with sites being pre booked. Now however there are only about a dozen sites being used and  the ranger doesn’t seem interested in collecting camping fees.

The first night here we cooked up our Whiting and Moreton Bay Bugs, last night we had our first camp fire of the trip and had a cook up, of course this is all being washed down with liberal doses of Chateau de Cardboard. P4210020

About a week since we had washed any clothes so we decided to try out our home made “Washing Machine”. Worked really well so there is now one less reason to go into caravan parks. Had a bit of a thunder storm pass over yesterday with heavy rain for about half an hour but we where comfortable in the van.



This is a favourite spot with fisherman and a lot of the campers have boats. We (mainly Vicki) being boatless have been fishing from the shore but without success. There are several jetties here one of which is right behind our camp. A fellow camper gave us some live worms last night so Vicki was down on the jetty trying for a Bream first light this morning. However as we are having bacon and eggs for breakfast you can see that the fishing was not very successful.

Last year we couldn’t use Skype with our Telstra “pay as you go” wireless broadband (that we use for email and blogging) for telephone calls as Telstra had barred VOIP calls to landlines on their “pay as you go” service. This meant we had to use expensive mobile phones to stay in touch with family. Now however this bar has been removed so using the internet we can now make inexpensive calls to landline numbers (0.027 cents a minute). Calls to mobiles are still expensive but at 0.26 cents a minutes cheaper than the normal Telstra charge. There is also a charge for the bandwidth used on the wireless broadband but this is very small. So a big improvement over last year when the mobile phone bill was a bit to high.

We will probably stay here for a couple more days as it is only 486 kilometres to Sussex Inlet and we are not due there until mid next week. Will have to take a supply run into Newmarella today as we are out of such essentials as french vanilla yoghurt and chateau de cardboard. There is after all a limit to how spartan this caravanning should be!

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