Melbourne – a great place to leave

Went into Melbourne on Saturday, wouldn’t have gone if we had known about the train issues.

Arrived at Pakenham Railway Station to find a long line of buses, no trains due to track work. Not an issue we thought a nice bus ride into the CBD and different scenery to view. However about six train stops later we where deposited at a railway station, took the train for about six stops then once again had to move to buses for the next six or so stops then back to the train. What should have been a one hour trip turned into two hours!

Once in Melbourne took the free tourist bus to the Melbourne Markets. Used the GPS to navigate from there to Whitworths where we purchased some items for the van. Goldstream have still not embraced LED technology for lighting in their vans so I purchased some LED bulbs to replace the installed quartz halogen bulbs. There are still some changes to the lighting that I want to make but these will have to wait for a better place and time. Then went to the markets and purchased a selection of breads, dips, cheeses etc  all very tasty and a couple of Dory fillets for dinner that night.

Endured more of the bus train mayhem on the way back but even worse. The train was now full and there were not enough buses so we got jammed in like sardines. It was a relief to finally arrive  at Pakenham. On the last part of the train trip a young ‘lady” was describing to what was her apparent new boyfriend details of her past sex life in a voice that carried throughout the carriage!P4200016

Left Pakenham Sunday morning bound for Dargo in the high country. Van towed very well and the steep and twisting road to Dargo presented no problems. Made camp about 20 kilometres south of Dargo beside a stream. Unfortunately that evening we found several additional issues with the van that we thought prudent to have rectified before we went further. Next morning I emailed Goldstream with the issues and we turned around and retraced our 250 kilometres. Arrived at the factory about midday and they were waiting for us and without delay had the problems rectified. So far the only problems we have experienced with the van have been minor and Goldstreams response has been excellent.

P4190015 Left Pakenham about 1400 and made for a free camping area we had seen whilst returning to Pakenham. This is Willow Bend Camping Area one kilometre north of Rosedale on the Princess Highway. About 12 vans and motor homes are overnighting here. It is a big grassy area on the bank of the (I think) La Trobe River. There is a walking track to Rosedale so we walked into town and purchased some supplies, rather than use the stock in our fridge.

Turned on the gas hot water heater and had a hot shower – what luxury!

This morning Vicki has walked into town to post a letter whilst I blog. Will leave about 1100 and head along the Princess Highway until we find a spot to camp.

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