Our first night in the van

There was a three metre sea in Bass Strait for our crossing however the size of the ship and its stabilizers ensured the trip was pretty smooth. Wind was very strong, we went out on deck once but you could hardly stand because of the wind! There are six car decks on the Spirit of Tasmania and we ended up on Deck One. The only thing lower in the ship is the bilges. Still we were off the ship by 0700 and heading down to pick up the caravan.

We decided to follow the bay as far south as Frankston and then head east to Pakenham, thereby missing most of the Melbourne traffic. It worked, sort off, there was still however what appeared to us a lot of traffic.

Arrived at the Goldstream factory to find our van washed and shined ready for us. Their delivery was comprehensive and thorough although later in the day we still scratched our head over the workings of some items. We decided not to go back to Frankston but stay at the Pakenham Caravan Park. This park is only about a kilometre from the Goldstream factory. The park is run by the local council and is mainly filled with permanent residents, there are only about six sites for visiting vans. We stayed here last year when we came to visit the Goldstream factory. Fairly basic and on a very busy and noisy road but it is convenient for a couple of days.

We did discover a couple of minor issues with the van and they have been fixed today, so it was provident that we stayed close to the factory. Pakenham could best be described as a fast growing city on the fringes of Melbourne. Lots of new and under construction homes, as well as established housing with manufacturing industries as the main employer. A “working mans” suburb.

P4160002There is an Indian Restaurant close to the park that does a great takeaway. We had a curry last night with the leftovers tonight.

Vicki had the stitches taken out of the arm today. Still has to be careful for the next week. We provisioned the van today and will leave on Sunday as we are going into Melbourne by train tomorrow. We are making for Sussex Inlet but haven’t as yet worked out how we are going to get there.

Had out first night in the van last night and it was very comfortable indeed. We have just finished our curry and I am writing this blog using the little dining table, very civilised.

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