On the move


Had a few friends around for drinks and a barbeque on Sunday as we are on the boat Wednesday night and picking up the caravan Thursday morning. It seems only yesterday that we returned from our last trip.

We will stay at Frankston for several days whilst we check the van out and stock it with provisions. Frankston is only about 30 kilometres from where we pick up the caravan.

Last Wednesday Vicki had a skin cancer cut out of her arm, we returned to the doctor today to see if the stitches could be removed however it was a bit too soon so I Googled for a medical centre at Frankston, found one, gave them a call and they will take the stiches out Friday.


Have packed an unbelievable amount of “stuff” into the car. We are experienced travellers and have a good idea of just what we need but always seem to end up with a huge amount of “stuff”. Still travelling is not about deprivation one needs a certain level of comfort.

When we leave Frankston we head to Sussex Inlet which is just south of Wollongong to meet up with Christopher, Robyn and Edward. Whilst Edward is only three months old that should be enough time for him to learn the best fishing spots at Sussex Inlet so I have emailed him and let him know to get the fishing gear ready.

Well must get the last of the packing done so that we can leave home about midday and head off to the boat. The boat leaves Devonport 1900 and arrives Melbourne 0630 tomorrow.

Thanks to all who have wished us a safe and happy journey.  Vicki is looking forward to seeing her Mum and spending some time with her and other family and friends on our journey.

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