Monday 7 December

We’re home.

PC050024 PC050030

Had a good trip over Bass Strait on the Spirit  of Tasmania. There was a slight lift and roll to the ship but it was a gentle and relaxing movement. Even the passage through the Heads was unexpectedly smooth.

PC050033 Our cabin was very comfortable and despite Vicki’s concern the porthole did not leak.

When we disembarked from the ship we headed to the river entrance and made breakfast. Our last meal of the five month trip. It then took us about three hours driving to arrive at Orford. The country side was lush and green, a stark contrast to when we left.


PC070041Arriving home we were confronted with an awful lot of grass to be cut considering  it was only cut a couple of weeks ago.

We went to collect our wonderful Poss Cat this afternoon, and she is now resting in the back yard beside the Barbeque area.  She was a great cat and Vicki was never without a “talking” companion, if she  sat down for a while on Poss’ chair in the covered area.  We miss her around the house and we are grateful for her company over the last 20 years.

Everywhere we look at present there is something to do to tidy up the area.  Trees need lopping, grass needs cutting, gardens need weeding and the cobwebs need to be brushed away!  There has been so much rain that the smaller trees we planted along the side of the house are nearly up to the roof!

Thanks for sharing our trip with us.  It was great to share it, and we did so appreciate your emails throughout!  Now, here comes  Christmas!! 

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