Riding the Rails

Sunday 29 November

PB280019 Went into Flinders Street Station yesterday and decided that as we had a day ticket we might as well see some more of Melbourne so we took the train to Werribee. This took about two hours return. In the afternoon we took the train to Frankston and return, about a three hour trip. I have never seen into so many backyards in my life. It was really interesting moving through the different suburbs, from affluence to not so affluent. We also played “spot the Aussie” as people of Asian and Eastern European appearance seemed to be in the vast majority.

PB280016 At lunch time we walked to the Bourke Street Mall to have a look around. Had a few more shops than Orford. Saw the Myers Christmas display. This seemed to centre around Olivia the pig and was totally devoid of any Christian symbolism or meaning. Probably so that the non Christians, who seem to make up the majority here, are not “upset”. Another example of political correctness gone mad I suppose!

Just heard on Australia All Over that Hobart had 94mm of rain last night. We had heavy rain here but nothing like that.

I suppose it sounds a bit Ho Hum when we say we use the train to “explore” parts of Melbourne, but because the bus and trains connect so well, are so cheap, and so frequent, AND because we never travel on public transport at home, we thoroughly enjoy the experience.  We marvelled at the cosmopolitan feel and the cross section of society- including the young boy who enjoyed riding his scooter up and down the carriage and the drug dealer who seemed to be doing a roaring trade as people got on and off!  Besides, who in their right mind would want to drive around Melbourne- a slow, steady form of torture where the driver and passenger heed all words spoken by Marilyn (our GPS) to avoid places unknown!!

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