Friday 27 November

Arrived at the Apollo Gardens Caravan Park yesterday and set up camp. This place is on the Hume Highway at Craigieburn, about 25 kilometres north of Melbourne. As far as caravan parks go this place is set up pretty well. It has a great camp kitchen and a pretty good pool. Vicki has been for several swims but it is a bit cold for me.


In the photo of the pool the camp kitchen is in the background and we are camped just to the right of the kitchen. Just after we set up yesterday a fairly violent electrical storm with heavy rain passed over.

Today we headed into the city to do some exploring. Transport is easy and cheap here. With our seniors cards it only cost us $3.40 each to travel all day on buses, trams or trains. We caught a bus from in front of the park that brought us to the train station and about 45 minutes later we where at Flinders Street Station. Went on the free tourist bus that takes about 1.5 hours to tour the city. This gave us a good overview. We then went to the central markets. I wasn’t overly impressed by these markets, I thought the Adelaide markets had more variety of food. About half of the Melbourne market area was taken up by clothes and other junk. They did have a great variety of fish and crustaceans. The fresh sardines looked very tempting. There was even gurnard at $7.40 a kilo. We throw them back if we catch them because of the poisonous spines.

Tomorrow we will do some more exploring.

I think this blog is getting a bit mundane as our travels are no longer very interesting. We will probably return a bit earlier than the tenth of next month, of course this is depending on space availability on the boat.

I have just heard the rather lengthy and depressing Melbourne evening traffic report on the radio. Most roads seem to be at a crawl. I much prefer the Orford traffic report!

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